Oven Temp For Pizza

Oven Temp For Pizza – 14 Different Settings & The Best Tips

Pizza is a popular and tasty cuisine that you may eat at home or a restaurant. Nothing compares to the taste of a fresh, hot dish. However, to achieve the perfect pie every time, you must first learn how to set the oven temp for pizza.

The concise answer for pizza baking temp is 450–500 degrees Fahrenheit. The thickness of the crust is the component in determining temperature. 

This article will help you determine how the temperature varies for each type of pie. Scroll down to get more tips on pizza baking temp!

The Importance Of Temperature For Pizza

temperature for pizza

Pizza in the oven

A low pizza baking temp requires more extended cooking periods. It will take less time to cook them at a high temperature, and the finished result will be lighter and fluffier.

Because of the higher temperature for pizza, the gas within the dough expands more quickly, resulting in a fluffier and tastier final product. It also offers ready-to-eat dishes in just a few minutes. 

You’ll be able to control the crispiness of your meals if you learn how to handle the temperature for pizza. It’s a win-win situation!

What Is The Best Oven Temp For Pizza? 

Although there is no universal solution to the pizza baking temp, most experts suggest that the right oven temp for pizza should be between 450 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit for the best results. 

It would help if you cooked a thin-crust pie quickly at a high temperature, but a thick-crust pie requires more time at a lower temperature. The best temperature for cooking Italian pie varies depending on the pie. 

It would help if you made homemade pie around 450°F for a traditional thicker crust, whereas you should bake New York-style or Neapolitan-style pie hotter and faster.

Here, we’ll go through how temperature influences baking and how to figure out what temperature you should set your kitchen range at so you can make a great pie every time!

Homemade Pizza 

450°F was the minimum temperature for baking the pie in the kitchen range.

The crust was crunchy on the exterior and chewy on the inside at this temperature. It was slightly charred in parts, giving the entire slice the somewhat smokey taste that I like from brick ovens. The toppings cooked well and developed their char. 

Here is the most straightforward recipe for baking pizza in the kitchen range:

  • Crispy crust: 450 – 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Soft and chewy crust: 350 degrees Fahrenheit

Neapolitan-style Pizza


Neapolitan-style crust

A typical home kitchen range is just insufficient for the task. The absence of heat in a kitchen range makes baking Neapolitan pie difficult. 

Only when you cook the pie in fewer than 90 seconds will it obtain the distinct features of an authentic Neapolitan pie. And you’ll need a hotter oven to make this Italian open pie that quickly!

You must cook this pie at that temperature for two reasons:

  • Inflate up.
  • Get a soft, beautiful internal crust.
  • Achieve a char on the crust’s outside and bottom.

It’s the only way to maintain the necessary consistency.

It would help if you cooked that style of the dish at roughly 900°F. However, most home ovens can come close at 500°F or 550°F.

The pie will take 8-12 minutes to bake at 500-550°F. That’s 5-8 times as long as a wood-fired kitchen range would take! As a result, the crust will dry out even more, and you’ll get less kitchen range spring and puff. 

The temperature is also too low to properly char the crust. In addition to browning the cheese, baking time will overcook the toppings.

Deep Dish Pizza 

pizza baking temp

Bristol Farms Chicago Deep Dish meat pie

The deep-dish Italian dish made in Chicago is distinct from the other forms of Italian open pie on this list. It’s a lot thicker than the others. So it takes a lot longer in the kitchen range. 

It would help if you baked it for a longer time and at a lower oven temp for pizza. As a result, the best oven temp for pizza is 400°F for around 45 minutes.

It will help if you can wait until the kitchen range is hot! The pie will come out hot and tasty if you preheat the kitchen range properly. 

Make sure your deep-dish pie reaches a temperature of 165°F on the inside! Whether you don’t have a thermometer, you can determine if the sauce is well-done by looking at how it bubbles. 

When you’ve done with the dish, remove it from the kitchen range with a spatula and place it on a cutting board or big plate where you can cut it. 

New York-style Pizza 

New York-style-Pizza

New York-style pie 

We recommend cooking New York-style pie quickly at high temperatures. 600-700°F is the ideal temperature for it.

If you don’t have access to a professional kitchen range, utilize the hottest setting. And you may refer to our preferred method for making a New York-style brick oven pie. 

We cooked at our preferred temperature of 770°F, which takes around 2 1/2 to 3 minutes to bake a small standard pie (12″ 9 oz dough ball). 

The bottom of your pie will have a continuous golden color at this temperature, and a somewhat crisper outer crust will have time to rise and firm up.

If you move the pie once, approximately one minute in, the crust will rise even more. The additional heat from driving it raises the crust, and you get some beautiful bubbles in the process.

This Italian open pie tastes best when you distribute the toppings equally throughout the pie. It enables the contents to dry out and the heat to permeate the whole pie and shell. 

This temperature for pizza also makes the pie suitable for pick-up and delivery. You can still produce a well-done pie that isn’t scorched at this temperature.

Digiorno Pizza 


Digiorno Gluten-free four-cheese pie

Digiorno is our preferred go-to frozen pizza brand. All you need to do is preheat your kitchen range to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and bake it.

Costco Pizza


Costco Pizza

Costco introduced the first frozen pie to the globe in the 1950s. It is the best nourishment for individuals who don’t have access to a kitchen range or don’t want to eat takeout.

The package contains four individually wrapped frozen cheese pies that can be easily unwrapped and baked at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 to 12 minutes.

Preheat your kitchen range to 350 degrees Fahrenheit to reheat Costco pizza. Then lay your pie on a piece of foil and set it immediately on the rack to cook from all sides.

Alternatively, for a crisp crust, prepare a sheet pan while the kitchen range warms up. Allow for a 10-minute bake time, or until the cheese has melted, and reheat pizza in oven temp the dish thoroughly.

Detroit-Style Pizza 


Detroit-Style Pie

To begin with Detroit-Style pizza, preheat the device to its maximum oven temp for pizza. The oven temp for pizza should be 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The first step is to set the pan on top of a warmed Baking Steel, which will aid in transferring heat to the base, which is where it’s most required.

You may also place the pie directly on the bottom of a preheated device, which will give it a good, rapid energy boost.

You get excellent browning and crisping of the crust at those temperatures before the dough dries out too much. Even so, the top of your pie may finish cooking before the bottom. 

Sicilian Pizza 


Sicilian Pizza 

Although the term “Sicilian pizza” is often used to describe a pie with a thick, rectangular, sheet pan-sized crust, there is more to it than that. 

An abundance of solid cheese and sauce and onions, anchovies, and herbs in Sicily covers a substantial, almost focaccia-like dough.  

Preheat the kitchen range to 450°F towards the conclusion of the dough’s rising period. Then, bake the dough without toppings for 10 to 12 minutes, or until it just starts to brown.

Frozen Pizza 


Frozen Pizza

No one wants to spend hours in the kitchen after a hard day at work preparing a five-course dinner. We want something quick to prepare and enjoy, where frozen pie comes in. 

Frozen pipes are a tasty and quick cure when you’re exhausted or short on time. Before baking, please remove it from the freezer and place it on the counter to thaw.

If you heat a frozen pizza without defrosting it first, the frozen outer layer will melt and become liquid, making the toppings and crust soggy. 

Don’t put your frozen pie in the freezer when you get it home from the shop to guarantee it’s thoroughly defrosted, particularly if you want to cook it right away.

Read the package directions to determine what temperature you should cook your Italian dish. Most frozen pies demand temperatures between 375 and 425 degrees Fahrenheit to cook correctly.

Set your device to “bake” to ensure you bake it evenly. It all depends on the kitchen range type you have. Some people put it to “convectional” instead.

However, no matter what gadget you have, avoid utilizing the “broiler” option since it only heats in one way. The high heat may overcook the crust’s top while undercooking the remainder.




Calzones are baked, folded pies with sealed edges that keep all the excellent stuff inside! You can make calzones with everything that goes on a pizza! 

The toppings spread on one side of the circular dough. The dough is then folded over, crimped, and cooked in the kitchen range with an egg wash or a brush of olive oil.

To prepare the calzone, preheat your device to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of its increased density, the calzone will take somewhat longer to cook than a traditional pie. Turn the calzone halfway through cooking if using a kitchen range.

Oven Temp For Roasting A Pizza 


Roasting A Pizza

Place a stone on a rack in the lowest third, and preheat the kitchen range to 475 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 30 minutes, but ideally an hour. A pan or a thick baking sheet will do; be sure it won’t distort at high temperatures.

You’ll need to bake a pie in a 475°F-oven until the dough is golden and the cheese has melted, approximately within 10-15 minutes. If desired, you may add a bit of additional cheese near the end of the cooking time.

Reheat Pizza In Oven Temp 

Although cold pie might be a tasty treat the next day, certain things are just best served hot.

To bring your day-old pie back to life, you’ll need to use precise techniques to reheat pizza in oven temp. A crust loses moisture when the starches undergo retrogradation like any other bread.

On the exterior, the crust seems firm. But on the inside, the individual starch molecules crystallize and absorb all of the moisture in your crust!

Suppose you cover your pie adequately in plastic wrap or aluminum foil overnight. In that case, you may speed up the process by reheating it in the kitchen range the following day at a minimum temperature of 140°F (60°C).

It’s the ideal temperature to reverse the crystallization process, releasing the moisture absorbed by the crystals and allowing the crust to soften.

Keep the Pizza Warm 

The optimal temperature to keep the pie warm is between 140°F and 150°F. 

You may keep the pie in the device for a few minutes, but no more than one or two hours; otherwise, it will dry out.

Temp To Cook Pizza In A Specific Oven 

You have learned how to make this Italian dish in the kitchen range; it’s time to get cooking. Experiment with various baking devices to see what you like most.

Wood-Fired Oven 

In a wood-fired device, the optimal oven temp for pizza is 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The dough will be thoroughly fried and crispy, and you can be sure that it will not break or crack when you eat it.

Because current kitchen gadgets can simplify every chore, you can even prepare your handmade dishes with various toppings at home!

Convection Oven 

The optimal oven temp for pizza in a convection kitchen range is 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. All convection ovens are perfect for baking various pastries such as cookies, pies, cakes, and pizzas because they distribute heat evenly. 

The primary benefit of utilizing this device is that it offers outstanding results without overheating your kitchen like other types.

Electric Oven 

You can cook the Italian dish on an electric stove the same way you can cook it on a gas burner since no hot or cold patches might spoil your wonderful pie!

Electric burners are also incredibly sensitive when you switch them up or down. You can make your pie to perfection without having to worry about it burning. 

The optimal oven temp for pizza is between 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit on an electric burner.

Pizza Dough Temperature Chart

Because one of the primary contributors to vigorous fermentation is temperature, we must keep the dough temperature high and steady throughout the baking process.

While it’s impossible to put a complicated figure on how long bulk fermentation should run for a given dough, the chart below shows how various final dough temperatures might affect the bulk duration.

Please remember that this chart is only illustrative; it’s my effort to show how things could alter when temps change. The table assumes that all other variables are constant from bake to bake.

How Does Temperature Affect Pizza Baking? 

The temperature influences the appearance and flavor of your pie. If you cook your dish at a high temperature, the crust will be crispy, but the crust will be soft and doughy if you cook it at a low temperature.

Adjust the oven temp for pizza to get the ideal results if you want your pie to have a diversity of textures and tastes. While baking rapidly, a hot stove generates lovely bubbles in the dough. 

It results in a fluffy crust with plenty of air pockets that appear hollow until fully cooked. This kind of dough is simple to digest as well as tasty!

However, more moisture from the dough evaporates when cooked at lower temperatures. This reduced moisture content directly impacts the texture and flavor of your dough, making it more difficult to digest.

Consequently, we recommended baking the dough at a higher temperature for the best results.

Why Is Pizza Cooked At Such A High Temperature? 

You want the cheese to melt and finish cooking, but you don’t want the kitchen range to become too hot, or the crust will burn. Making this Italian dish is a delicate procedure that requires patience and experience.

Heat makes the perfect pie, so you must prepare this dish at such high temperatures. The crust achieves the proper crispy texture without being brittle or dry when cooked at the optimum temperature. 

One of the most excellent components of a fantastic Italian open pie is the crust. And a high temperature ensures baking the crust fully. 

Another reason to bake this meal in a hot oven is to cook the cheese thoroughly. 

If you bake at a lower temperature, the cheese may not completely melt, leaving cold spots on top. A high temperature for pizza ensures that the cheese is heated and melted evenly across the pie.

Baking a pie requires such a high temperature because of the following reasons:

  • It keeps crispy the base and the crust
  • It gives the crust the most delicate rose and the softest interior
  • It enhances the dough’s flavor.
  • Melt the cheese and spread it evenly.
  • Cook the toppings thoroughly.

How To Achieve Perfect Oven Temp For Pizza? 

Here’s what you should do if you want to know how to reach the optimum temperature for pizza:

  1. Preheat the kitchen range.

Before putting anything in the device, preheat it for 30 minutes. 

Use a thermometer or a digital thermometer to check whether your device reaches the right temperature.

Close the door until the temperature reaches 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Place your hand into the baking chamber for around 10 seconds to see whether it’s warmed to the correct temperature.

If the temp to cook pizza is scorching, lower it by twisting the knob downwards; otherwise, raise it by rotating the knob higher.

  1. Alter the rack locations when baking pizzas in a kitchen range.

If you want a crispy crust and precisely cooked cheese, bake your pie on the bottom rack; put it on the top rack if you want a soft crust with melted cheese.

You should place a baking stone on the lowest shelf, closest to the oven’s fire.

  1. Set the gadget to roughly 425-475 degrees Fahrenheit. But keep in mind that oven temp for pizza might vary, so consult the handbook for exact directions on adjusting the temperature right for your device.
  2. 4. If you believe your device needs more heat to make great Italian open pies, bake with the light on since it will trap the hot air inside and offer more warmth.
  3. If you’re baking a frozen pie, we wouldn’t recommend thawing it before placing it in the kitchen range since it might create uneven cooking and result in a raw center or burned edges.

The video below will show you how to achieve the perfect oven temp for pizza:

Temp To Cook Pizza – Additional Tips 

There are a few homemade pizza tricks to keep in mind when baking a pie, especially if you want the perfect crust. 

  • Make sure to preheat the device before putting the pie in it. You’ll need a hot oven to get that perfect crust.
  • Preheat it to 450 degrees Fahrenheit if you want a crispy crust.
  • Preheat it to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a friendly and chewy crust.
  • If your pie has a lot of toppings, it may need to be baked for a little longer. Keep an eye on it, and when it’s done, take it out of it.
  • Following the start of cooking, you may need to lower or switch off the temperature of your device. Because heat escapes and the temperature decreases every time you open the door, you’ll need to compensate by turning the kitchen range down.
  • Place it in a cold oven and heat it afterward if you’re using a stone. It would help not preheat the kitchen range with a stone since the hot air will cook the crust unevenly.
  • Experiment with various levels of oven temp for pizza and toppings to see what works best for you.


At what temperature do you bake a homemade pizza?

Between 450°F and 500°F is the ideal oven temperature for pizza

How long do you cook pizza at 450?

Preheat the kitchen range to 450°F with the rack in the middle position. Then bake the pie for 15-17 minutes or golden brown.

How long should a pizza be in the oven at 425?

Bake the pie in the kitchen range at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the cheese and crust are golden brown.

How long do you cook pizza at 400?

Preheat the kitchen range to 400 degrees F and place your pie inside. And bake for 15 minutes, or until the crust is golden brown. 

How long do you cook a pizza at 375?

Preheat the oven to 375°F and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, flipping the pan halfway through.

How long should I cook pizza at 350?

An oven will take around 15-20 minutes to complete baking a pie at 350°F. Check whether the crust is golden brown and part of the cheese is overdone to determine if it’s cooked properly.

Can you cook pizza at 350?

A 350°F oven may suit various dishes, but it is not ideal pizza baking temp. If you bake a pie at too low a temperature, you’ll wind up with a limp, mushy crust and overdone toppings.

Do I need to preheat my oven before cooking pizza? 

You must preheat your oven for at least 30 minutes. It’s also crucial to preheat your device while your baking pan or stone is still inside. 

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The optimal oven temp for pizza varies depending on the kind of pie. You’ll have a terrific crust, soft cheese, and excellent toppings if you find the right recipe.

For example, if you’re baking thin-crust pies with limited topping possibilities, 400 degrees Fahrenheit is preferable to 450 degrees Fahrenheit since thin-crust pies cook faster than thicker crusts with more components.

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to pizza baking temp. The best method is to experiment with various temperatures and adjust the heat as needed. 

For precise instructions, see your oven’s handbook or contact the manufacturer.

We hope that this tutorial has answered any queries you may have regarding the proper temp to cook pizza in various types of ovens!

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